La Maison des Brasseurs

Situated in the heart of the historical center of Brussels and on one of the most beautiful main square of the world, the Brewers’ house as we can see it today was founded in 1698.

But the history of this majestic building goes back way beyond this date. It is directly linked to the brewers’ development as a professional organization in Brussels and then in Belgium. It is the last house of the corporation and today it is still the headquarters of the federation of the “Belgian Brewers” and its old cellars are now a museum that is dedicated entirely to the brewery.
The brewers’ house is easily accessible as it is close to car parks and at 10 min away from the central station. This house will delight you with its architecture and its authenticity.

In addition to the museum of the beer there are 3 rooms at your disposal: the knights’ room (in memory of the knighthood of “Fourquet des Brasseurs”), the Gambrinus’ room (it is a deformation of the name Jan Primus who was the king of the beer) and the council room (main place for the brewers’ reunions).

Rooms of the Maison des Brasseurs

Celebration room

The council room is, without any doubts, the most beautiful room of the Brewers’ house. This celebration room is the ideal place for your receptions, cocktails, meetings,…

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The conference room

You will be delighted with the authentic character of this beautiful arched room with its paneled walls, floor and stained-glass windows. This conference room is equipped with a bar.

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The reunion room

salle-gambrinusThe Gambrinus room is ideal for your small group’s reunions. It gives you access to the beautiful showcases of old beer pots.

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museeThe cellars of the brewer’ house is transformed since 1952 in a museum of the Belgian brewers.

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Virtual visit of the Maison des Brasseurs